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No sanctions, no fines, no need to be an IT expert, no need to know all the rules.


We automate the complex legal decisions behind fast-moving business transactions.

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We embed trust and compliance in online services as a real-time deliverable, with a guaranteed result.

Software developers.

Just imagine the boost to e-business if trust and legal compliance just happened.

About us

Sovos TrustWeaver provides a comprehensive cloud-based compliance service for electronic invoicing and other legally critical documents for more than 60 countries. We enable a secure transition that guarantees the elimination of risk and uncertainty for our customers, increasing efficiency and saving both time and money.

We help customers by ensuring they comply with the rapidly changing international regulations in B2B processing. Simultaneously, we help Governments to implement robust and unified process for e-governance, with a distinctive focus on declaring and paying VAT.

With a single technical interface and our unique Compliance MapTM , we provide regulatory and compliance support for more than 60 world-leading B2B integration brokerage vendors such as SAP, IBM and Coupa. Our partner network automatically benefits from providing interoperable legal certainty to millions of trading partners, regardless of changes in legislation.

Sovos TrustWeaver’s unique blend of legal and technical expertise allows modern organisations to execute their ERP, workflow, archiving and B2B consolidation strategies with guaranteed respect for the multiple national and sectoral laws governing such transactions.


We identified a problem: An ever-increasing stream of legal requirements for trust and compliance

We noticed three things happening in our market. First, we saw companies that wanted to keep up with laws around digital signatures, time-stamps, secure archiving and similar trust services struggle with clunky trust technology solutions that were built by engineers with little or no understanding of legal processes.
Second, we witnessed their frustration with having to retain external compliance and integration experts to painstakingly keep these technology-only solutions compliant with government requirements.
Finally, we understood it was not going to get easier. Our experience in working with governments and law enforcement bodies made us realize that businesses should prepare for an ever-increasing stream of legal requirements for trust and compliance, and that these requirements would evolve at the same pace as technology.

We addressed it with a unique, fully-hosted compliance service in the cloud

So in the early 2000s, we set out to create an automated compliance service. To get a bit technical, it would be an IT platform that could support a wide range of country-specific or industry-specific trust and compliance matrices. Importantly, it would be easy to configure as requirements changed. We launched our first fully hosted compliance service in 2007. Since then we have grown to become a company that analysts and industry experts consider to be unique in its market coverage as well as its breadth and quality of service. The world around us is largely developing in the way we anticipated a decade ago: legal requirements for trust and compliance are mushrooming up around us.

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We’re now a leading facilitator in a world of real-time technology controls by governments

We’ve made it easier and more efficient for companies to remain compliant in their business transaction documentation wherever they are around the world. But we have to admit one thing: governments have started to innovate their ways of controlling trade and commerce in ways that surpass even our imagination. Sovos TrustWeaver’s unique experience with making compliance available as a service has never been more relevant than it is today. We are a profitable vendor with a unique offering and a superb partner network and customer base. Sovos TrustWeaver is backed by Sweden’s leading industry tenors and we’re actively investing in expanding our service portfolio.

Where are we located?

Sovos TrustWeaver is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Our default processing is in two fully-equipped, highly secure and redundant datacenters on either side of Stockholm.

Where are we located

Certifications and assurance

Sovos TrustWeaver’s security and service quality are regularly assessed under some of the most stringent rulesets available for trust and compliance services. Contact us for more information.


Sovos TrustWeaver On Demand services are yearly audited by PwC in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE 3402) Type II. This audit evaluates the description, design, suitability and operating effectiveness of controls necessary to meet the control objectives.


We were the second company in history to be awarded the status of Qualified Trust Service Provider under the EU eIDAS Regulation in 2016.

Working at Sovos TrustWeaver


Our people come from all over the world, with a broad diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds.


All bound by a strong desire to build bridges between business and government objectives towards a seamless information society. TrustWeaver currently employs 13 nationalities, covering 15 languages.

Our mission is to be the trusted Cloud service used by the world’s leading business transaction ecosystems for legally critical documents and to build an exceptional company that attracts, develops, and retains unique people. We act as a team that delivers, mentors and cares for its members in the process.

Diversity is essential to our success: by bringing together people with different cultural backgrounds, we search new perspectives and can come up with innovative ideas. The multicultural nature of our workforce is one of our greatest assets.

Working at Sovos TrustWeaver will be fast-paced and challenging – however, we always strive to make it a pleasant experience, one that helps you grow as a person and as a professional.


I used to believe that only large multinational companies could afford having multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff covering deep knowledge and expertise in a wide range of disciplines such as legal, financial, business and technical. At Sovos TrustWeaver, we have all that, which perfectly meets my background, expectations and needs – readily available in our offices.

— Luis Barriga, Director Business Development, New Countries

Every day we work on resolving issues originating from different jurisdictions in every corner of the world. Naturally, this is complex, fun, interesting and stimulating all at the same time. Getting to do that, with the help of exceptionally skilled colleagues that all have a very hands-on attitude, is a true pleasure.

— Filippa Jörnstedt, Legal Counsel

Filippa Jörnstedt, Legal Counsel

Roman Prazdnov, Integration Manager

Serkan Senturk, Support Engineer