b4value.net provides a quick and easy way to perform electronic transmission and receipt of business documents – for any size company, in any industry, both domestic and foreign.

They are the founder of a network for the electronic exchange of business documents. Together with their customers and partners, they are contributing to realising the goal of reducing the world’s need for paper. b4’s core business is document and data transfer – via all electronic delivery channels, in any document and data format – via the b4 platform or other systems.

In addition, the b4 Network enables the combination of paper with electronic channels. They produce and send paper documents and scan the incoming mail, including data capture and data verification. They use electronic or traditional means for the invoicing process and other document transactions to help companies achieve major savings in their business structure and operational processes. b4’s customers benefit from their highly cost efficient services. Receiving electronic documents as PDF or TIFF files including signature, verification certificate, and index file is free.

A one-time installation fee of 250 euros is charged and there is a fair transaction-based tariff for use of the electronic port. Furthermore, they help companies to integrate their customers and suppliers into the electronic exchange – because every new member on the platform raises the value of the network for everyone. b4 provide the complete or partial process chains for document and data transfer – and, in all cases, guarantee a reliable and cost efficient integration of company processes – for all companies.

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