Compliant E-archive


Guarantee e-invoice archiving compliance in more than 50 countries, across all your systems.


Sovos TrustWeaver provides you one universal, compliant e-invoice archive regardless of the number of service providers and e-invoicing software solutions you use.

Do compliance risks lurk in the complexity of your e-invoicing archives?

Is your e-invoice archiving compliant, everywhere, all the time? How do you know? All companies are required to archive invoices and other legal documentation for regulatory and tax evidencing purposes. Simply having a generic archive isn’t enough though – there are strict rules about how that archiving should happen.

Do you face the same challenges as ACME Corp?

As your company shifts in form and structure, and as technology continues to evolve, it can be difficult to keep control of your e-invoicing archiving around the world. The result can be lack of control, cost and time inefficiencies, fragmented archiving and a weakened tax evidence position ahead of regulatory audits.

See why ACME Corp chose Sovos TrustWeaver’s universal archive solution

Two challenges, one unique solution

As your qualified, trusted, cloud-based, compliant e-invoice archiving partner, we solve two current enterprise challenges around archiving legally critical documents:


  • Compliance anytime, anywhere: Your invoices and other critical documents are always stored in a compliant way. When laws and requirements change, our service changes accordingly – for more than 60 countries. We can ensure this ongoing multi-local compliant through deep and dedicated legal resources intertwined with IT technical experts and cutting-edge technologies. The resulting Cloud-based service works seamlessly with the B2B automation platforms you already rely on. And of course, Sovos TrustWeaver is secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use.


  • A globally consolidated compliant archive: Many enterprises see their archives of legally important documents scattered across subsidiaries, departments and service providers. Each decision to store in yet another legal archive may be based on sound business arguments, but it creates major challenges if you want to maintain consistent compliance, audit, and access across your business. By simply always asking for your invoices to be stored with Sovos TrustWeaver, you can give your business units all the freedom they need to work with different vendors and applications while ensuring the same level of legal certainty and access to the same archive solution for all your business activities.

What is a compliant archive?

When is an archive ‘compliant’ and when is it just a place to store your digital data? We have outlined 19 key points to take into consideration when assessing if your current archive can stand the global compliance test. You can also find out how Sovos TrustWeaver has solved those challenges. Please download our 19 things about compliant invoice e-archiving using the form found on the right side.

  • Our multi-national legal experts constantly monitor and interpret e-archiving regulations in more than 60 countries to make sure your e-invoice archives are compliant.
  • Our IT experts make sure your invoices move seamlessly and securely to and from in-house or outsourced processing systems, into our unique, online archive service.
  • The service applies country-specific technological and process steps to guarantee compliant archiving of e-invoices.

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What are the benefits of Sovos TrustWeaver?

You manage and you control your one global archive, and you can be confident it’s always compliant

Guaranteed compliance & flexibility

Your subsidiaries and business units can use their B2B automation service partner of choice, without risking e-invoice archiving compliance. So without imposing restrictions, you raise the consistency and level of legal certainty in complying with local tax rules.

Cost savings and efficiency

Focus on your core business, free of the need to monitor regulatory requirements around e-invoice archiving, and without the cost of staff, local software or consultants to do so. Also save money and create operational efficiencies by consolidating your multitude of archives into one.

Audit accessibility & transparency

Help your company be better prepared for regulatory audits or litigation through a single archiving service that makes e-invoices consistently and more easily accessible, right across your organisation. This best-practice audit access may increase your corporate reputation for transparency.

We support e-invoice compliance in more than 60 countries

Click here for information on which countries our supported by our various solutions.

Ask for Sovos TrustWeaver

The chances are that we’re already there where you need us. The Sovos TrustWeaver solution is part of the solutions offered by many of our 60+ business process platform vendors around the world. Simply ask your own and your trading partners’ service solution providers to store your invoices in Sovos TrustWeaver.


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