TrustWeaver announces compliance services for EU business-to-government e-invoices

Sweden-based TrustWeaver today announced its Cloud-based compliance service has been successfully tested for creating compliant qualified electronic signatures for businesses supplying goods or services to the public sector in Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

Many European Union member states are currently introducing mandatory electronic invoicing for public procurement invoices. This trend often creates a challenge for enterprises that need to monitor complex requirements across, and sometimes even within, countries. Business-to-government sales of goods and services represent a huge sector of activity across the EU, and few enterprises can afford to run afoul of the specific administrative or technical requirements dictated by their public sector customers.

Increasingly, countries are imposing one or a limited number of electronic file formats with a specific digital signature so that the receiving public entity can automatically verify the identity of the invoice issuer. TrustWeaver already supports the creation of such digital signatures and, optionally, archiving of the signed invoice for the supplier through its unique Cloud solution.

Dag Hedfors, Director of Product Management at TrustWeaver said “We see a significant surge in demand as deadlines for e-invoicing towards governments in countries like Italy approach. We are preparing for a near-panic situation similar to the one businesses faced in Turkey and other countries which recently imposed deadlines for business-to-business e-invoicing. Particularly multinational enterprises often struggle to give a project focused on compliance with narrow local requirements the appropriate level of priority, and then find themselves faced with unexpected levels of complexity very late in the process. This underscores the value for multinational enterprises to be able to access compliance functionality for many different countries through a single interface.”

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