Vector illustration depicting interactive seminar that is transmitted over the web using video conferencing software. We can see a participants which are placed on the bottom of illustration. A silhouettes on the left are participants/audience, while silhouette on the right is a lecturer/presenter. All around illustration surface there are placed different icons/elements which are related with webinar theme (ability of giving, receiving, sharing and discussing information). Some of those elements/icons are: speech bubbles - representing communication; computer monitor with speech bubble - conferencing hardware; globe - global scope; electric bulb - new idea; share icon - sharing knowledge; wee fee icon; brain - thinking; gears and wheels and gears for working ect... Illustration is nicely layered and easy for manipulation.

TrustWeaver to sponsor and participate in this year’s LATAM Shared Services Digital Summit

TrustWeaver has announced its event sponsorship and participation at this year’s LATAM Shared Services Digital Summit, taking place from Tuesday 27th February to Wednesday 28th February. The digital event will bring together leaders in shared services from across the globe who are looking to set up a shared services centre in Latin America.

As sponsors, we invite you to join this free online event for 2 half-days of excellent, thought provoking, practical, fact-filled, case study led presentations, while remaining in the comfort of your office or home.

TrustWeaver President Christiaan van der Valk will lead a session on “Ensuring multi-country VAT compliance in a chaotic regulatory transformation” on Tuesday 27th February at 1:45pm ET. The session will explore the commonalities and differences among jurisdictions and provide a practical analysis of the base components on which you can build a dependable global compliance strategy.

The event is an excellent opportunity to liaise with decision makers and guarantees to connect you with peers ready to share their challenges with an agenda for change.

Take a look at the full agenda and see what you can take away from this timely and seminal event, and register here today
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